Outdoor Billiard Tables

Caring for Outdoor Billiard Tables

Outdoor billiard tables are great. They allow you to play a great game of pool while simultaneously enjoying the weather. Unfortunately, caring for an outdoor table is much more difficult than caring for one which is inside. Anyone who owns or is considering owning an outdoor table must follow- at the very least- one simple rule to ensure that the table does not live a shorter-than-average life: you must cover your table. Outdoor pool table covers are available at your local billiard shop, and they are necessary because they are your table's main line of defense against the elements. If your table is rained on just once, the damage can be irreversible- not only will your cloth be ruined (which can be fixed), but the timber may become warped, which means your table will not be level and leaves the wood more susceptible to rot.

The timber is the most important thing to protect. You can use products from your local hardware store which make the wood more resistant to water and other damage, but even these cannot protect the table one hundred percent from the elements. If your table does eventually get damaged, you can always contact your local billiard shop for information about reconditioning services. Almost every part of the table can be replaced or upgraded, but reconditioning will eventually start getting expensive, so only use it as a backup plan. Preventative care should be your go-to option when caring for outdoor billiard tables, and the cover is an absolutely vital part of that.