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    It doesn't matter whether you are moving into your new house or having a new game room set up. Moving your billiard table does require a lot of safe handling and careful attention to make sure that it relocates safely. Rough handling may sometimes damage your billiard table and seeing your most expensive gaming equipment go bad just due to careless mistakes can be quite disappointing.
    Hence, here are tips on how you can safely move your billiard tables Brisbane to a new location with the help of your friends:

    • If your table has staples around the edges of the pockets then it is important that you remove them first. You can remove the pockets itself and mark them so that you can replace it accurately when the table is moved.
    • Use a drill or a screwdriver to unscrew the rails. Usually rails have three screws on them so once you remove them make sure to mark it so you know which one to go where.
    • The third step is to remove the felt. Once you have moved your table you need to re-felt your table because moving without it allows safer and better relocation.
    • Now remove the screws while holding the slate into the frame with the help of a drill.
    • Now turn the frame over and remove the legs with the help of a drill

    Once you have reached your destination you need to assemble everything, insert the panels, re-felt the table and put the rails back on and then have the table leveled. If you do not want to go through this headache than all you need to do is to call a professional who can handle this job for you. Aywon Billiards knows how to take care of your table in the best possible way. Our 20 years of experience in this industry has certainly helped us involve in many relocation projects and have ensured 100% customer satisfaction.

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