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    We are Temporarily Closed for Annual Leave and will Re-Open 5th August

    Aywon Billiards can assist you in bringing your table back to how it once was.

    From the most popular stains and lacquer finishes to the more modern two Pac solid colours or metallic finishes. Whatever you choose will give your table that much needed treatment it deserves to restore it to the way you like.

    Further work that may be required to your table include

    • Re-clothing in a variety of colours
    • Re-rubbering to give you the optimum bounce
    • Net pocket replacement
    • Leather pocket protectors
    • Empire Rails
    • Adjustable feet for the perfect levelling
    • Timber repairs and replacement if necessary

    We provide a pickup service as all major work like this is carried out in our factory.

    When all work is complete we will re-install your newly refurbished table back to your home where it will once again be your Pride and Joy.

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