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    If you have considered buying a pool table the one question that might cause you a dilemma is whether to go for second hand pool tables. Well, this is a question that people always worry about while choosing to buy a pool table. The right answer to this question is - it depends!

    Many experts have concluded that it is always best to go for second hand pool tables because they save you piles of cash, and then spend the money for an expert to bring it up to par. However, we at Aywon Billiards with an extensive experience in this industry have come across numerous clients who are only eager to buy second hand pool tables, without considering its restoration, maintenance and of course space.

    Here are some things that you should consider before buying second hand pool tables:

    • Restoration cost: it is always important that you calculate your expenditure on buying second hand pool tables keeping restoration cost in mind. Many people do a mistake of buying the table and considering the restoration after a while. This will never happen and it is always best that you restore the table immediately after purchase.
    • Maintenance: believe us, a pool table is extremely sensitive and there are a lot of things to be done to keep the table immaculate. Hence, consider the maintenance cost that comes along with such tables and how you can cope up with it.
    • Room space: it is extremely important that you consider the room space before buying second hand pool tables. You need to first set up a game room and then buy a table because this will also help you to know which size should fit best.

    If you are looking out for an expert that can give you advice on this then we at Aywon Billiards are always happy to help you. Our extensive experience of more than 20 years has certainly given us the expertise to cater customers who are looking for professional advice.

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